Succesful audition

Saturday started early for the Wale Wale dance group. They had an audition in town for an upcoming celebration called Ushirika. We all went by bus, and Jacob the oldest member of the group was in charge of the big group of eager dancers. After registration everyone sat in the shadow and looked at the football match that was going on. After an hour and a half they announced that the dance auditions would be starting soon, and the group went to get changed and ready for when they were called up.DSCN7810

We stood and looked at the competition getting more and more confident with every performance. Wale Wale was the only group that ranged for in ages, and their dance costumes were far better looking than the other groups. They all in all just looked more impressive than most of the competition. The other groups ranged from talented gymnasts making five meter tall human pyramids to much less talented booty shaking women, and from more traditional types of Kenyan dance to Swahili comedy.

The performance went great! Everyone remembered their steps, had great energy and the crowed loved them. The judges gave them 9 out of 10 points, and we are now waiting for a phone call announcing, that they will dance again on Saturday. If that happens the group is going to practice even harder this week to get the last details of the choreography on point, and so that people spread out more evenly during the performance. The issue with that is the limited space in the dance rooms at the center, where it is impossible to spread out. The only answer for that is dancing outside. So we hope the neighbors love their dance as much as the judges, for it might be some loud outdoor dance sessions this week.

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