A normal day at Wale Wale

IMG_1441“Petter, the keys..!? Thanks, see you in a bit.” The people on cleaning duty for the day pick up the keys and open the center around 08:30 in the morning and mop the floors before the rest arrive at 09:00. Every morning starts with a short meeting, where everyone describes their plans for the day, and other small jobs are distributed, before people get started.

After half an hour everyone is working on their different projects. Steven sits in the corner with his headphones on editing the latest film project. Don is sitting with a computer planning the upcoming sport events including football practice and matches. Jacob is in the other room hammering on a frame for a large painting, he is planning to paint. The rest is working on different projects in the center or around in the neighborhood.2015-07-08 17.48.02

After a few hours Evette arrives and makes a headcount for the lunch. “Did you all write your name on the list?” “Ah, sorry, I forgot. I would like lunch as well.” After she has done the shopping and started the charcoal stove in the kitchen, the lovely smell of lunch spreads around the center. After lunch everyone either goes home for a few hours or stays at the center enjoying the Wi-Fi or just hangs out.

DSCN7649Around 4 p.m. the youngest members start showing up still in their school uniform and carrying their books. When Monica and Evette arrive a bit later all the children are playing outside in the sun, but soon they are called in and the academic follow up program begins. They all sit around a long table with books and paper spread all over. As they finish their homework and exercises, they come up one by one to get Monica to look it over and get something else to work on. At 05:30 books are packed away, chairs are stacked in the corner, tables are carried to the side and everyone gets in line for a snack, before the dance practice starts. When the youngest kids enter the dance room, the older members are already prepared with music and some are practicing a few new moves. As they warm up to loud music each person comes to the front and everyone follows their moves. The room warms up and the practice starts. Monica is standing by one wall, stopping the music every once in a while and pointing out some moves that needs to be worked on. After everyone has gone over the moves with occasional laughter when someone turns the wrong way or goes up instead of down the music is started again.

IMG_1908At 06:30 the sun is down and the darkness starts descending over the center. Everyone gets ready to leave and as they walk down the street in a big group all laughing, some still dancing a bit and the young ones playing as the walk the center is once again closed and locked, ready for a new day tomorrow.

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