Meet the youth – Omentality

IMG_2434My names are GEOFREY OMENTA also known as OMENTALITY. I am a rapper a dancer and also a music producer at Wale Wale Kenya which is a youth centre based in Ayany, Kibera. I myself joined the centre in 2013 and since then I have been part of the family, and I would love to see more youths like me out there who wanna do something useful to the community, create unity amongst others through their talents like music, dancing, comedy, and acting.

I do music not for the fame or the good things that comes with it, but because it’s the only thing that I am good at, and the easiest way I communicate with people and get to teach and deliver my story or message. Also I love not to involve just me coz I come from the slum, but because it’s my and home to many, and I know that many talents come from the ghetto coz almost everyone wants to be creative and useful to the community and the society.

In many cases we don’t have organizations (NGO’s) like Wale Wale Kenya because Wale Wale is there for everyone. Now I say that coz they are there for me and that’s why I am working and part of the family. Our aim is to reach as many youths as possible so that we can work together to transform and improve the lives of our fellow youths, and educate the young generation and give them an opportunity to do what they want and love.

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