“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”motivating quote that keeps me moving come rain come sun.Millicent Nyabiosi as am well known 20 years of age,am a dancer and a chef also,I finished my catering course in 2016 .Dancing being my talent, have always been dreaming to be a dance choreographer and start up my dance school in the streets to stop youths from enganging themselves in illegal activities
Life in the slum is very difficult. Drug addiction, robbery, early pregnancy ,school drop out unemployment e.t.c the list is endless but only to mention a few. Teenagers

I’m Millicent Nyabiosi. I came here early 2016. I’m leading the dance project and academic follow-up. I also take care of all the cooking. Wale Wale means a lot to me. I’ve learnt teamwork. I decided this year to do a lot with dance, to try and uplift the dance project. To help us be in a better place with dance and to mentor people in the community.

in the slums are the most affected in the slums, we have different people with different abilities, talents and careers but some parents tend to kill these talents at a tender age instead of helping them keep and nurture them.They could be the next leaders in our coming generation. Our parents should be our motivation and supporters to our abilities.

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