A new year and new beginnings!

Hello Wale Wale Community! It has been a long time since we put something up, but guess what, WE ARE BACK! And we would love to catch you up. This year at Wale Wale we were reminded of a fundamental fact of life; that even the strongest of people and structures must experience weak moments. But with the right foundation and unwavering goodwill, like a phoenix, the best will always rise from ashes. Being an organization that gives power of management to its young members with the aim of nurturing leadership abilities, Wale Wale’s youth elects its board members every year at a general meeting. It is unfortunate that last year a number of the youth elected to the board took advantage of the positions they were trusted with and this led to a period of stagnation inactivities at the center. The silver lining in this dark period was the strong spirit and will of the members who came together in September this year and voted out, in accordance with the organization’s constitution, the group of leaders that were dragging the organization behind. The new board now is made up of more committed, passionate and hardworking members who we will profile on the blog over the next few weeks. 

With the new changes, we decided to fully commit to expanding and improving the organization, making into reality plans and visions from the past and everything is now slowly falling into place. We are thrilled to be back on track, and hopeful about our future plans for the center. We are happy to finally be able to share them with you!

Beginning January 2018, we make one of our biggest investments thus far – the making of the Wale Library! The idea of a creating a library- and study space has been around for quite some time but is now finally put to action. The purpose of this project is to expand Wale Wales existing academic follow up program and commitment to give educational support to children and youth in Kibera. At the same time we will continue and develop most of the already existing projects, and dance and arts will remain an essential part of our organization. Although Wale Wale Kenya is still working out the exact structures for governance and ownership, the rough management structures are in place. A competent and committed full time project manager – Vennah Atieno, has been hired to run the center, together with three trusted older members of Wale Wale.

As a first step towards our future plans, we’ve now moved in to a new, big house in Jamhuri, just outside Kibera. The two-floor building is spacious and can facilitate the expanding programming and a growing number of members. With a large room for dance, an outdoors area for sports and play, a library space, an art room, a quiet study room and an office – the new house is perfect for the future activities of Wale Wale!


Both younger and older members participated in the grand moving day, and everybody was excited to see the new space. In the afternoon we cooked and ate together, making plans for and dreaming about our future. We are so happy to have you along for the continuous journey of Wale Wale Kenya. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting future plans!

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