Wickliff profile.jpg

Meet Wickliff Ouma Otira. He lives with his mum, dad and 4 siblings in Kianda, Kibera. He is 20 years old and is now in form 3 in (high school) and his favorite subjects are History, Christian religious education, English and Kiswahili. Wickliff likes to spend his spare time are singing, writing songs and watching dance video clips.

Wickliff is a new member of Wale, he joined us in 2017 when we were moving to the new center. He was on school break and spending the day home when a friend invited him to help with the move and see what Wale was about and after spending the day with the dancers from Wale he thought it was the perfect chance to join a dance group and at the same time have a place to be and hang out with friends. When he joined Wale he thought that everyone was so welcoming, and Monica (who he sees as an extra mum for Wale) told him that anyone could join.

Wickliff’s favorite thing about Wale is that the organization has been helping him to advance his talents in dance, music and football. He also likes the fact that everytime the members of Wale have a performance that they are paid for, each of the members get paid and learning financial independence and being able to help out with the money at home every once in a while is a great opportunity

Wickliff has big dreams for his future. He not only wants to continue with expressing him through song and dance, but also be a lawyer outside of Africa. To build a family is also important for Wickliff, he wants to marry a Swedish person and get three or four children.


The last thing Wickliff says, is that although he knows that wale has an exit plan for the youth once they grow older, his experience at Wale so far has been so great that he would love to stay at Wale forever.


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