What’s Next after highschool….

As from the beginning of last year we decided to change the structure of the organisation and one part of the changes was that we redefined our target age group.Previous to that we did not have a clear age limit for when our members actually exited from the program.We decided to set up a program that could actually ensure that our members will grow and find their way out after the organisation,this included both academically and also as individuals.

This meant that our target group changed to members from age 10-18 years that is kids from primary school until they complete high school.After high school we decided to set up a program that include mentorship ,career counselling  and an internship at the organisation while one prepared for  the next stage in their lives.

This year we have our first group Claire and Julius who completed highschool last year.They are being taken through the exit program where they have an internship  in the organisation, helping out with activities while still going through the mentorship and capacity building session, as they are still finding out what they want to study in College.This program is for molding our members to be independent people and to guide them in finding who they are…

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