Stories and experiences of an intern

As I wrote in my previous blog post, the holiday programme started last week. It is different from Wale’s normal programming because there is no homework scheduled and we have a bit more activities than normally. The activities take place from 14 to 17. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays we have my drawing class and [...]

Slum Tourism—Our Take!!

Kibera Slum Orientation Walk. Slum tourism, or ghetto tourism is a type of tourism that involves visiting impoverished areas like the Kibera slum which is the largest slum in Africa. Most people from all over the world come to Kibera slum for different purposes. Some to do their research on different things, some to study [...]

Stories and experiences of an intern

Sickness and homesickness My honeymoon phase with Nairobi is officially over and along that came fever, flu and homesickness. Because of being sick, I also missed a lot of work during this past week. On Thursday we had no electricity at the centre, which is why the morning at the office was very calm and [...]

Stories and impressions of a volunteer.

#4 summer vibes The last week in Kenya was filled with new impressions and encounters, as I  travelled to the country’s coast. Together with my French flatmate Louis and his Kenyan friend Cherry, I took the SGR Madaraka Express to Mombasa, and lucky me got to see some Elephants in Tsavo National park. During our [...]